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Join Us: Practitioner & Employment Opportunities at Forces of Nature Wellness Clinic

Naturopathic Doctor Wanted (posted June 5, 2017)

We are looking for an ambitious, motivated naturopathic doctor who works well with others and is looking to build a long term practice in our established wellness clinic.  For more details, please contact clinic director Dr. Pamela Frank.  Her email address is

Chiropractor Wanted (posted March 23, 2017)

Our lovely and talented Dr Tricia Kennedy is expecting her third child in June and has elected to take an extended maternity leave.  As such, she is taking her leave effective May 31, 2017.   If you happen to know a chiropractor who would like to take over chiropractic care of our amazing patients at Forces of Nature, please refer them to our clinic director, Dr. Pamela Frank.  Her email address is

Psychotherapist Wanted (posted Feb 5, 2016)

Ariel Garten, our wonderful psychotherapist, has moved on to other opportunities as the Founder and Chairman of InteraXon, makers of Muse: the brain sensing headband. We would love to try to fill her shoes with another psychotherapist or a psychologist. Anyone interested in renting space at Forces of Nature please email your resumé to Pamela Frank at