Low blood sugar

woman having low blood sugar, headache, weak, irritable, shaky


The medical name for low blood sugar is hypoglycemia, which literally translates to “low” (hypo) “sugar” (glyc) “in the blood” (emia).

What are the symptoms of low blood sugar?

Symptoms that people will experience if their blood sugar drops include:

  • headaches
  • irritability
  • foggy thinking
  • feeling weak or faint
  • shaky
  • dizzy
  • restless sleep
  • light headed

What causes low blood sugar?

Your body has a built-in mechanism to increase blood sugar if it should drop because you missed lunch. The solution for blood sugar dips isn’t necessarily to just shove more food in your mouth.  Absolutely do that if you are about to take someone’s head off because you haven’t eaten, but also work on supporting your adrenal glands.  Adrenal glands are your stress glands, there is one on top of each kidney.  They are involved in regulating blood sugar, also blood pressure, hormone balance, salt balance and inflammation.

Tests for low blood sugar include:

HbA1c, fasting blood glucose, 2 hour pc blood glucose

Tests for the adrenal glands include:

cortisol – a.m. and p.m., DHEAs, testosterone